Sheng Zheng Gong: Mindfulness through Movement

What is Sheng Zhen Meditation?

Sheng Zhen Meditation is a comprehensive system of moving and non-moving meditations, philosophy, and contemplations. This system helps students to cultivate a state of unconditional love while learning to be more resilient in the face of the struggles. Practices align body, mind, & heart.

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Have you experienced a time where you felt open, connected, radiant, and present?  Do you want to feel that more often?

Do you want to learn to be calm and centered in the face of stressors and challenges?

Sheng Zhen Meditation trains students to access this state through gentle, dance-like movements.

Students learn to quiet their heart and mind, connect with love, and move gracefully to help embody a relaxed and loving way of life.

The Three Functions of Sheng Zhen

  • Strengthens the Body
  • Balances Emotions
  • Opens the Heart

More on the 3 functions in the video (on right)

Master Li Junfeng and Dr. Miles Nichols, Sheng Zhen Teachers

Master Li Junfeng with Dr. Miles Nichols

Dr. Miles Nichols, DAOM, MS, LAc

Dr. Miles Nichols is a doctor of acupuncture & oriental medicine, expert in functional medicine, and a certified Sheng Zhen teacher. He has been teaching movement practices for more than a decade, and has been teaching Sheng Zhen for over 8 years. Miles has extensively trained with the principle master teacher for Sheng Zhen, Master Li Junfeng. Miles has completed several teachers trainings, a 36-day meditation retreat, and hundreds of hours of other study directly with Master Li.

Master Li Junfeng

Master Li Junfeng was formerly a famous Kung Fu coach and martial arts movie star in China. He was and still is revered in China for being one of the most prolific trainers who lead his martial arts team to repeated gold metals. Master Li coached other famous martial artists including Jet Li who went on to become a movie star. Master Li himself was the lead role in multiple martial arts films.

Despite fame and promise for a good pension and retirement, Master Li made the challenging choice to leave his reputation, his country, and the culture he was celebrated by in order to travel the world and teach Sheng Zhen Gong. This is his primary directive and Master Li now works full-time to share the gift of Sheng Zhen with the world.​

Dr. Diane Mueller, ND, DAOM, LAc

Dr. Diane Mueller is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She has studied extensively with Qigong expert Heiner Fruehauf and has also trained with Master Li Junfeng. Dr. Diane has been teaching movement and mindfulness classes for more than a decade. She is regarded as an expert in both functional medicine and in mindfulness as it applies to medicine. She actively trains in medical qigong, Taoism, and Sheng Zhen Meditation.

Dr. Diane and Dr. Miles are also national speakers who give talks at conferences on health and wellness. Dr. Diane and Dr. Miles have together co-authored the book "Stress Resilience". Dr. Diane has been featured on Fox News, was a panelist as a Cancer Summit and has been a guest on Podcasts. Dr. Diane and Dr. Miles together teach other doctors and practitioners about how to integrate functional medicine and a mindfulness approach into clinical practice. They teach Sheng Zhen Meditation and mindfulness as part of this program. Dr. Diane also teaches wellness, mindfulness, and meditation classes to patients and to the public.

Dr. Diane Mueller, ND, DAOM, LAc

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