What is PRP?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It is a natural treatment that uses the own body's intelligence to heal.  




How Do I get Started and What Does it Cost?

Simply call our clinic and our team will walk you through the process as well as explain the investment. You can reach us at 720-722-1143. 

How Does it Work? 

With PRP therapy, take some blood and separate out the red blood cells. The remainder liquid including the platelets are injected into various sites around the body. The platelets in PRP contain growth factors that aid the local tissue in healing.  These growth factors create a signal, which moves other healing cells to the site of injury or repair. 

Platelets cause the increase of platelet derived growth factor, vasoendothelial growth factor and epithelial growth factor to the site of injury. Vasoendothelial growth factor helps new blood vessels form, which helps to increase the oxygenation of the tissue and encourage its healing process. 

PRP can be activated or not activated. With activated PRP, calcium chloride is added to the PRP before it is injected. At our office we use non-activated. This simply means we do not add the calcium chloride. The body will activate the PRP and its growth factors once it enters the body and comes in contact with your collagen. 100% of the growth factors from PRP are activated within one hour. 

In addition, in vitro studies have shown that PRP increases the cartilage matrix and down regulates some inflammatory molecules. It has also been also shown to increase type II collagen, which can be useful in arthritis and joint repair. In vitro studies have also shown to help with tendon repair post sprains/strains.

Where is it Injected? 

PRP is classically either injected into the sites of pain or the sites of cosmetic repair. For example, if someone has an ankle injury, we would inject it right into the ankle.  If someone is interested in hair regrowth, the injections would be in to the areas of hair loss. If wrinkle reduction is the goal, the PRP would be injected right into the site of the wrinkles.

Does it Hurt?

Because we are causing a local healing reaction of the body, there can be some tenderness with PRP. Normally the tenderness goes away in 24-48 hours. 

How Many Injections Do I Need?

We typically find that people respond best to a series of 6 injections. Each injection creates a healing response that lasts for one week. Therefore, 6 weekly injections creates a healing response of 6 weeks. 

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