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Fridge Fresh by BerryBreeze provides an uncomplicated solution to refrigerated food waste, a solution based in science and nature and packaged in efficient technology. Activated oxygen (O3) protects the upper atmosphere from radiation and purifies and sanitizes the air in our lower atmosphere. In a refrigerator or storage space, activated oxygen neutralizes bacteria, mold and other microbes by inhibiting ethylene gas that triggers decay. This keeps food in a “living” stage – on average, two to three times longer than normal – and staying fresh and odor-free.

Activated oxygen consists of three oxygen atoms and is created when ultraviolet light or electricity breaks down the oxygen molecule into two single oxygen atoms, each of which quickly attaches to two more oxygen atoms (O2). O3 is an unstable gas that has a half-life of approximately 30 minutes. While stable, the third oxygen molecule fights to break free, destroying polluting organic molecules by oxidizing them, which effectively disinfects and deodorizes the area. In two studies commissioned by the Food and Drug Administration, internationally recognized activated oxygen experts Dr. Dee Graham and Dr. Rip Rice determined that limited regular exposure to activated oxygen was not only completely safe, but also effective.

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