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I spent my life trying to figure out what was wrong with me. It is a main part of what drove me to medical school. Fatigue, irritability, fibromyalgia, headaches, joint pain, depression....Normal Lab Tests. If you are reading this, you probably understand. You are likely sick of the struggle and tired of fighting. The sickness may have affected your work, your relationships, your purpose and your passions. With my studying and with the help of my partner, Dr. Miles, I have fully recovered from Lyme disease, mycotoxin illness and other infections. The functional medicine approach literally saved my life. Not only am I recovered, but I have more energy, better vitality and am happier than I ever remember being. My own illness is what drove me and my partner to become a lyme literate doctors. Now Dr. Miles (one of our Lyme literate doctors on staff) Kelly and I offer you our hands, to work together as a team so we can help you get your life back. 
- Dr. Diane, Dr. Miles, & Medicine With Heart Team 

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Body and Mind Root Cause Influences


It can be frustrating task to find a lyme literate doctor in Denver. Here in the South Denver area, Dr. Miles and Dr. Diane are some of the few lyme literate doctors around. We reserve time in our schedule for new patients, therefore, we can usually get you in to the office within a couple of weeks. 

We want to take some time on this page to educate you around a few areas that we find to be so important for treatment of Lyme disease. You will see several times throughout this article that we suggest seeing lyme literate doctors. We emphasize the importance of seeing lyme literate doctors because we feel strongly that lyme literate doctors are more up to date on the research and the treatment of lyme disease. If you would like more information about seeing Dr. Diane and Dr. Miles, you can sign up for a free 15 minute discovery call with a team member below.

Lyme and Chronic Infections can cause oxidative stress on the body. This can starve the cells of oxygen, leading to so many of the symptoms. Lyme and mycotoxin illness, can disrupt the NRF2 gene. The NRF2 gene is needed for proper anti-inflammatory and detoxification processing in the body. Without the NRF2 gene activity, inflammation levels rise quickly and our ability to rid ourselves of toxins declines rapidly. 

Louis Pasteur is credited for inventing the "Germ Theory of Disease". This basically translates into exactly what it sounds like, germs are the cause of disease. What is not know about Louis Pasteur, was that his colleague, Antoine Bechamp had a different theory about disease. Bechamp's theory was that disease had less to do about the germ and more to do with the environment, the host. Bechamp felt that oxygen deficient, toxins, stagnations, toxic emotional patterns all lowered the vitality of the host and allowed the pathogen to set in. According to Bechamp, the germ was less important than the host. Pasteur's theory won the political battle at the time and it is still what we are basing mainstream medicine on. However, there were problems and oversights with Pasteur's research.

Borrelia, the bacteria associated with Lyme disease, is a strong pathogen. It is smart. It can morph and change its shape allowing it to hide from our immune system and from antibiotics. There is no doubt to us that this "germ" is a problem. In order to work with you to get you well, in order to restore vitality, and in order for you to enjoy the life that you were meant to live, we cannot JUST attack the germ. The complexity of this pathogen makes is important to work with a lyme literate doctor. Lyme literate doctors understand this complexity and can offer solutions.

The functional medicine and mindfulness approach to Lyme disease and chronic infections involves looking at all underlying mind and body root causes that created an environment that is likely for Borrelia, mycotoxins, epstein-barr and co-infections to survive. Our average patient tends to have adrenal imbalances, gastrointestinal infections, thyroid problems, nutrient deficiencies and ​thought processes that are brought on by all the scary stuff we see on the internet, which as lyme literate doctors, we work to help you understand the science and the research.

The work we do with our patients helps them not only fight infection(s) but also to restore their body systems that have been affected both prior to and during the disease process. By doing this, we help to strengthen immunity and allow the natural vitality to function. Important factors in the mind and body root cause sections above will be considered. You are not alone. It can feel sometimes like the world does not understand. We do. We are here to help. Our unique approach as Lyme literate doctors emphasizes getting to the underlying root issues that caused the immune system to dysregulate and allowed the infection to take hold and cause problems.

We invite you to watch the video above. Please call the office at 720-722-1143 when you are ready to take the next steps. We look forward to hearing from you. You can access our Lyme Facebook Group below. In addition, you can sign up for a free 15 minute discovery call below. The discovery call can help answer questions that you might have and we will tell you about the next steps with working with us.         - The Living Love Team

Want Additional Support on your Journey?

We have a Lyme-focused Facebook group where we post articles and information about Lyme disease and other chronic infections. Members are also able to speak to each other and share experiences. Please click below to request join the group. We look forward to connecting and seeing you interacting there!

Top Five Reasons for Herxheimer Reactions

  • Two many toxins coming In
  • Too few toxins going out
  • NRF2 gene disruption leading to inability to detoxify
  • MRP2 protein disruption leading to inability to detoxify
  • Phase I and Phase II detoxification imbalances

Chronic infection treatment can be complicated.

Toxic metal buildup, genetic issues, nutrient deficiencies and co-infections can all affect the way you heal.

Herxheimer reactions, which are the side effects of the death of the microorganisms, can make people feel horrible as they go through treatment. While sometimes small herxheimer reactions are unavoidable, we work closely with our patients to help avoid these uncomfortable die off scenarios.

By helping educate you on why herxheimer reactions occur, we can work with you to greatly avoid them.  We strongly encourage you to see a lyme literate doctor in order to help you identify all the areas of Lyme disease that need to be addressed. Our team is Lyme literate and we are passionate about helping those struggling with Lyme to recover!

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