What Is Mindfulness Medicine?

In addition to identifying and correcting for root causes, both in the body and the mind, we also educate clients along the way. Comprehensive health education helps empower clients to take an active role and engage with creating a lifestyle and eating habits that will sustain robust wellness. We want people to understand mechanisms behind disease and how choices they make affect their wellbeing. This promotes informed decisions with understanding about how and why behaviors impact health.

After illness is reversed and preventative practices are established, there is an opportunity to focus on character development. Many approaches to wellness would stop at prevention. We, however, both address prevention and work toward dynamic growth. Mindfulness practices can propel people forward into greater happiness and help cultivate resilience in the face of stressors. We bridge the fields of functional medicine, mindfulness, and personal development through integrating root-cause resolution plus frameworks and practices for personal & professional evolution.

As Well as the following pictures and descriptions:

Mindfulness Medicine Integrates Together the Best from these Fields:

  • Functional Medicine (Evidence Based + Root Cause Resolution + Prevention)
  • Mindfulness (Addresses Mind + Supported by Robust Research + Daily Practices)
  • Personal Development (Motivation, Decision Making, Relationships, & Purpose)

We Value & Focus our Work on a Trifecta of Integrative Wellness:

  • Health (integrative approach focused on root cause resolution + prevention)
  • Happiness (training about how to embrace life regardless of circumstances)
  • Evolution (personal & professional development and cultivation practices)

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a way to promote and maintain health that focuses on getting to the root cause of disease, rather than just suppressing symptoms. Functional Medicine is holistic, with recognition of a dynamic interconnection between all parts of the body, mind, and environment. Treatment is safe and natural. There is an emphasis on collaboration between client and practitioner. Education is considered an important part of treatment, and covers nutrition, lifestyle, and daily health-promoting practices. There is work towards not only reversing disease, but also moving in the direction of optimal functioning. Prevention is also a key element, and there is focus on setting up a sustainable lifestyle for continued wellness. Functional medicine is evidence-based and evolves together with the latest research from peer-reviewed medical journals. Functional lab testing and comprehensive case history are used for identifying root causes. Treatments integrate diet, lifestyle, & supplements.

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness involves intentional awareness of the present moment with complete acceptance for what is. This is coupled with a sense of gratitude and appreciation towards life regardless of circumstances. Mindfulness practices serve to train people how to relate to life from a space ofunconditional love. There is so much emphasis on disease in the medical field. We believe it is important to find and focus on the place inside of us that is completely untouched by stress or illness. This place is vital, whole, and thriving. We call this space unconditional love. By focusing on profound care toward all of life, we learn to change the way we relate to our struggles.

By coupling lab testing and correcting together with teaching mindfulness practices for personal development, we begin offering holistic care that can sustain wellness.

Mindfulness is a largely overlooked element for stress-management and prevention. While we are working to rid the body from imbalances, we can help people find inner acceptance for their circumstances. Through releasing resistance to struggles, the disease process can unravel more quickly and effectively. Mindfulness is supported by a robust body of research for relieving a variety of mental and physical disorders. People become happier and better able to make positive nutritional and lifestyle choices. Emotions become more stable and there is less worry and stress.

Mindfulness is Supported by a Robust Body of Research to Help…

  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Support Sleep Health
  • Improve Decision-Making
  • Overcome Harmful Habits
  • Increase Focus & Productivity
  • Benefit the Heart & Immunity
  • Reduce Anxiety and Depression
  • Lower Stress & Balance Cortisol
  • Reduce Fatigue & Boost Energy
  • Reduce Intensity of Chronic Pain

How Does Personal Development Fit Into A Medical System?

The days of health being defined as just the absence of physical disease are coming to a close. There is a new paradigm of holistic wellness emerging. This embraces the connection between the body, mind, and environment. People appreciate when their clinician addresses the body, emotions, relationships, lifestyle, professional life, and more. Health coaching is becoming popular as people realize how much all dimensions of their lives are connected with their overall wellbeing. Truly integrative care must take into consideration how a person grows and evolves over time. Health coaching and cultivating good character are a part of the healing process in a truly integrative model.

We help clients understand how to motivate themselves, make healthy decisions, and structure a balanced life. By setting goals in many areas of life and moving towards them, people become engaged and enthusiastic about evolving. We offer frameworks for how to cultivate rewarding relationships, fulfilling work, and a sense of purpose. We offer to connect clients with a functional health coach trained by us via a smartphone app where we can set goals and begin tracking progress. This way, we can offer support and accountability to help people lock in changes.

Mindfulness Medicine Trifecta of Integrative Wellness

Health without Happiness leads to dissatisfaction, depression, and lack of motivation.

Happiness without Health means there is less capacity to function and live life fully.

Health and Happiness without Evolution lacks purpose and hinders forward progress.

Health, Happiness, & Evolution together lead to thriving with a deeply fulfilling life.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 10.00.35 PM

When we say health, we don’t mean just freedom from disease. Instead, we define health as the capacity to vibrantly function in the world and follow your dreams.

When we say happiness, we mean being able to find a sense of inner joy regardless of circumstances. We train clients to access a state that is unaffected by stressors.

When we say evolution, we mean dynamic growth across a wide range of areas in life. We help clients set & achieve goals around relationships, career, hobbies, and more.

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