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practitioner training

Practitioner Training Programs for Functional Medicine, Mindfulness, & Mind-Body Root Cause Resolution

Holistic Wellness

Heart Cultivation Mindfulness Movement Training + Moving Meditations in Sheng Zhen Gong

Holistic Wellness Jumping

Holistic Wellness Education for the General Public -- We offer education programs for clients. Email for info.

Susan M

I have benefited so much from seeing Diane! I came to her feeling exhausted, stressed and far from healthy. I had several issues that had not been effectively addressed by my many visits to a traditional doctor, and Diane was able to help. One of her many gifts is in her ability to listen and to teach. She will take the time to hear about how you're feeling, what is going on in your life and then she'll decide how to best support you. She is also a gifted teacher who takes the time to explain complicated processes and to answer any and all questions

Katie H

Living love is a breath of fresh air in the world of medicine-the attention that is given to me from the different practitioners during each of my sessions was amazing. Through nutrition, acupuncture, mindfulness and naturopathy, the living love team has a wealth of tools to support patients in healing. Their collaborative approach is so unique and effective, and I always leave feeling heard, cared for, inspired, and ready to continue my protocol.

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