Have a chronic condition that no one has gotten to the bottom of?
Sick of seeing doctors and not having answers?
Let us be your last stop!

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It is so frustrating when you are trying to understand what is going on with your body and not having the answers.
Often we find people put in effort to eat right and take care of themselves, yet there is still something that feels off.
It can be consuming to know there is something wrong, yet some people may tell you that it is all in your head.
We hear you. Deeply listening to your history and experience is of utmost importance to us. 

We also find that some people have not yet made the switch to healthy lifestyle choices.
We provide the education, help, and support to help you reach your health goals.


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With sleeping better, I have more energy and can carry out my life duties better. I am not as emotional since my hormone issues have improved, and this helps my relationships. And I also lost weight!

Robin Balley

About Medicine With Heart Functional Medicine Clinic

At Medicine With Heart, we focus on reversing body and mind root causes of chronic illness through functional medicine lab testing, research-based supplement protocols, nutrition and lifestyle suggestions, acupuncture, & mindfulness practices.

We specialize in working with digestive issues, fatigue, and Lyme disease. We also emphasize cardiovascular and metabolic health with preventative strategies for maintaining a healthy heart, weight, and blood sugar balance.


Dr. Diane was the first person in my life to suspect and test for a condition that is fatal if not treated! I have immense gratitude to her and respect for her abilities. And I feel great now, better than in decades. And the rest of my family is getting tested for this hereditary common condition, that for some reason, no other doctor ever even thought to look for in twenty years. Dr. Diane had opened my eyes to a whole new life of physical health!

Wendy B

Dr. Diane has been interviewed on various platforms about Lyme disease. Check out the most recent one at the link below:


Our Approach


  • Functional Medicine Lab Testing
  • Research-Based Treatments
  • Body Root Cause Resolution 
  • Nutrition / Lifestyle Protocols
Functional Medicine


  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Mind Root Cause Resolution
  • Emotions / Thoughts / Beliefs
  • Attitude / Worldview / Purpose

Medicine With Heart

  • Client-Clinician Collaboration
  • Acceptance / Forgiveness / Compassion
  • We Care Deeply & Understand Struggle
  • Our Team Offers Heart-felt Support

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